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Aimee Kruger

Welcome to my online home! My name is Aimee Kruger and I’m the artist and business owner behind Garnet Rose.
After a decade spent teaching high school students, I took the plunge in 2019 and turned my side passion into my main focus. It wasn’t an easy decision as I absolutely loved teaching, but after a flare up of ongoing health issues, it was time to try something different. Garnet Rose represents a new frontier for me. I’m learning the art of business, honing my skills as an artist and finding that being a small business owner is not for the faint-hearted. But as much as it is challenging (especially during a pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns and restrictions), growing Garnet Rose has encouraged me to meet an inspiring group of artists and helped me learn a whole lot about myself.

As an artist, my first love is working with oil paint, but over the past year I have also been doing a lot of work in charcoal. South Africa’s rich animal and plant life amazes me, so this is the subject matter I’ve chosen to focus on right now. My hope is that my work puts a smile on your face.

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Aimee Kruger


I love the bold colours and shades of flowers, from cultivated roses to wild proteas and succulents. Each has its own character with vibrant colours and play of light on its petals. Colour lifts my mood and allows me to experiment with color palettes and textures.

Recently I have also been working with charcoal to depict wildlife in their natural environment. Here it’s all about light as it plays on the texture of the hide and fur. The horns of a kudu or oryx contrast sharply with the softness of their eyes and faces. These artworks are detailed and realistic and are a reminder of visits to the game reserve, spending time watching the animals and enjoying nature.